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Rhys Burgess

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Meet Rhys, raised amidst the rich soil of agriculture and honed by the discipline of a South African boarding school & professional rugby, Rhys brings a unique blend of trust, commitment, and human connection to every transaction.

His journey from managing vast agricultural enterprises to the dynamic world of real estate showcases his adaptability and his eagerness to foster meaningful community ties. Rhys is driven by a singular ambition: to become the trusted name in real estate on the Gold Coast, where clients' needs always come first.

What sets Rhys apart is his unwavering dedication to providing genuine customer experiences. He doesn't just focus on the bottom line; he ensures that every client achieves a great outcome and are supported throughout their home buying or selling journey. With Rhys, professionalism and exceptional negotiation skills come standard, guaranteeing successful outcomes time and again.

Beneath his calm and courteous demeanour lies a relentless drive for excellence. Rhys combines his extensive business acumen with a personable touch, making each interaction a delight for his clients. Rest assured, with Rhys by your side, your needs will always be prioritized, and your experience will be nothing short of exceptional.